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area of costa rica

In the region’s outlying reaches, bananas—the principal export—are grown. As can be seen on the above map of Costa Rica, most of Costa Rica is dominated by the Sierra Madre Mountains, literally fractured into individual ranges and valleys by violent volcanic eruptions over eons of time. The land area of Costa Rica measures at 51,100 square kilometers, or 19,700 square miles. km (19,700 sq mi) in Centra America. When staying in Costa Rica, expect a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. Costa Rica is a gorgeous Central American country that has coastlines on both the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean. Costa Rica is tiny country in Central America between Nicaragua and Panama. For those planning an exciting Costa Rica itinerary, I have compiled a guide on where to stay in Costa Rica to help you decide on the best area to stay in Costa Rica. That’s right! Map of Costa Rica area, showing travelers where the best hotels and attractions are located. There’s no shortage of interesting and affordable accommodation in Costa Rica: from unique eco lodges to treehouses, family-friendly beach resorts to funky surf hotels. To put that into context, this makes it a little bit smaller than the U.S. state, West Virginia. When you think of it, you probably draw images to mind of luscious rainforests, pristine beaches, and epic volcanoes. Costa Rice covers an area of 51,100 sq. Costa Rica’s well-populated heartland, formed in and around the upland basin known as the Valle Central or Meseta Central, is devoted to the cultivation of coffee, one of the country’s most important exports.

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