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ashy faced owl diet

I present detailed information on the diet of the Ashy-faced Owl based on data collected at several locations from 1975 to 2004. An institutional or society member subscription is required to view non-Open Access content. Wetmore and Swales' (1931) report of 18.8% bats at one of their sites, and my tally of 11.1% bats for Ashy-faced Owl, are similar to the proportion of bats in Barn Owl prey in Hispaniola (12.2%; present study), but higher than the proportion of bats among Barn Owl prey reported elsewhere in the Caribbean Islands (1.7–2.0%; Buden 1974, Arredondo Antúnez and Chirino Flores 2002). The data obtained were used to assess the locality-related diversity of the prey fauna represented in the owl pellets and prey remains. 2006). José A. Ottenwalder and Simón Guerrera provided facilities at Zoodom in Santo Domingo. Taylor (1994) noted that most barn owl diets tend to be dominated by a relatively small number of species and to have a long tail of species that are taken regularly or sporadically but which, in total, contribute only small amounts. My study did not address prey populations, so it is still unknown whether the two owl species compete for limited resources. Although house rats were far more common than house mice in the diet of Hispaniolan Barn Owls in my study, Rutten (1934) and Arredondo Antúnez and Chirino Flores (2002) reported that house mice far outnumbered house rats among Barn Owl prey in Cuba. Birds were better represented in Ashy-faced Owl diet (26.5%, Wetmore and Swales 1931; 28.8%, this study) than in the diet of Hispaniolan Barn Owls (12.3%). Identifiable invertebrates were found within pellets and as food remains at nests and roosts, but I did not attempt to quantify these remains because of the degraded nature of much of the materials. Similarly, Simpson's index showed the prey species of Ashy-faced Owl to be more diverse than those in the diet of Barn Owl: DAshy-faced Owl  =  6.316 and DBarn Owl  =  2.933 (P < 0.05). I found 78 avian species among the material for Ashy-faced Owl, and 52 species for Barn Owl. Materials collected at two of four localities in Haiti and the Dominican Republic were characterized qualitatively for Rattus spp. 1950 (Bond 1980). Miller, Jr. and H.W. A total of nine species of amphibians was found among the Ashy-faced Owl material, and 11 species among that for Barn Owl. However, I found fewer rodents in Hispaniolan Barn Owl diet than reported by investigators for other islands in the region (64.5% vs. 79.9–93.5%, respectively). The quantitative data represent prey collected at L'Acul and Trujín, where rodent numbers were tallied. Similarly, Barn Owl material contained more species of Eleutherodactylus frogs (six species; 65 individuals) than other genera, but more individuals (118) of Hispaniolan laughing treefrog were found. Collected materials were later identified in the laboratory, using a dissecting microscope when necessary. An important step in establishing the character of the two species' niches would be to ascertain the nature of competition for shared resources. James W. Wiley "Food Habits of the Endemic Ashy-Faced Owl (, Registered users receive a variety of benefits including the ability to customize email alerts, create favorite journals list, and save searches. The Ashy-faced Owl (Tyto glaucops) is endemic to Hispaniola, where the Barn Owl (T. alba) became established after ca. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that the two Tyto species have substantial differences in the mechanisms for the intake and processing of prey, so the diets presented here are at least relatively representative as comparisons of the feeding ecology between the two species. 2007). At the two fully quantified sites, birds represented 23.6% (n  =  144) and 5.9% (n  =  153), respectively, of remains. Tarantulas, scorpions, beetles, and orthopterans predominated in invertebrate material.

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