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audix om3 frequency response

The OM-3 features a hypercardioid pickup pattern as well as a broad frequency response over 50 Hz - 18 kHz . The grille is a steel mesh, with internal blast filtering. Audix OM5 is a handheld hypercardioid dynamic designed for lead vocals. The low frequency response is attenuated below 120 Hz to reduce boominess and handling noise. There are six mics in the range, designated the OM2, OM3, OM5, OM6, OM7 and OM11, and their price goes up in order of model number. Like the other OM-series vocal mics, the OM3 uses a durable body made of zinc alloy, coated in black “E-coat” non-glare finish. Just as Audix’s high-end touring microphones, the OM-3 offers the same comfortable profile and features a low-reflective, rugged, black e-coat finish. The mic has a slight boost in the low frequency and wide presence boost from 2kHz to 12kHz. With a wide frequency range of 50 Hz – 18 kHz, the OM3 employs a VLM™ (Very Low Mass) diaphragm for a clean and natural sound with exceptional transient response. SPL (sound pressure level): 110 dB (1 kHz, 1V), Impedance: 120 Ohm, Frequency response: 6-38,000 Hz, Total harmonic distortion (THD) at 1 kHz € 205 Al prodotto It is very similar to the OM3, but has more proximity effect, in order to sound fuller on small PA systems where bass reproduction is … The Audix OM2 is a handheld dynamic vocal mic with a Hypercardioid polar pattern. We were provided with one of each of the four higher–numbered models for this review. Audix Om2 Audix OM3 - Transducer Type : Dynamic - Type : Dynamic - Frequency Response : 50 Hz – 16kHz - Polar Pattern : Hypercardioid - Polar Pattern : Hypercardioiod - Frequency Response : 50 Hz - 18 kHz - Output Impedance : 250 ohms - Impedance : 290 - Sensitivity : 1.7 mV / Pascal @ 1k - Sensitivity : 1.6 mV / Pa @ 1k The OM3 is characterized with a tight and uniformly controlled hypercardioid polar pattern which helps to isolate the vocals from the rest of the instruments on stage. The Audix OM3 is a handheld vocal dynamic with a Hypercardioid polar pattern. OM5 has a tight, uniform hypercardioid pattern, with little to no rear lobe, and deep nulls at ±150°. The pattern narrows significantly above 4kHz.

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