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bioderma cream for acne

The Sébium range has cleansing and skincare products that are specifically recommended by dermatologists: face cleansers for oily skin (foaming gel, micellar water), anti-blemish creams, moisturisers for acne-prone skin, and more. Within only 57 days of clinical trials including two daily applications of the product without any additional treatment, our users have noticed a reduction of blackheads of 51%, and of pimples of 75%. As a result, our cream acts on the manifestations of acne without ever compromising on tolerance. BIODERMA Sébium Global: The care which contributes to reduce blemishes, pimples and blackheads. Acne is a common skin complaint that takes the form of blackheads and white or red spots. Bacteria will then begin to grow, forming pimples on your skin. It targets pimples which are already present by drying them and helping them disappear, facilitating the healing process and minimizing scars. getRequiredCheckboxes=function(){for(var a=document.getElementById("user-form-template-84").getElementsByTagName("input"),b=[],c=0;c0},checkRequiredCheckboxes=function(a){if(a.length>0)for(var b=0;b

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