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Old single house. We recommend hanging this house in a shaded area. century after the introduction of European starlings and house sparrows, This handcrafted birdhouse is constructed of thick-cut hard wood with distressed metal roof. DECORATIVE ACCENT: Delightful garden accessory for adding style to your patio or garden area. Ceiling panel for proper ventilation Easy 1-screw clean out. Wildlife. #115815472 - Christmas tree toy house hanging on a Christmas tree on the background.. #113533243 - Bird houses are hanging from tall tree branches, #118938756 - Red wooden house for a Swan on the water. See more ideas about bird houses, bird house, bird houses/feeders. #151383930 - The concept of minimalism. So if you’d like a fun project to try out with your kiddos then give this one a try. Starling resistant entrance holes BLUEBIRD BIRDHOUSE With a faux lantern and hunting dog on the front porch, your birds will feel protected from local prey. Download Birdhouse color stock photos. In general, natural camouflaged colors such as gray, dull green, brown, or tan help the house blend into its environment and keep nesting birds safe from predators. #135494314 - Bird house isolated on white background with clipping path. Designed specifically with small birds in mind, your chickadees, wrens, and other small birds will love this weather-resistant mango wood home. Starling Resistant Purple Martin House - 3 Floor/12 Room (Unassembled), Same quality as the Original, but SREH holes are cut to an exact height restricting starling entry and giving Purple Martins greater security. Additional Information color. Handcrafted wooden birdhouse, also has a loop on top facilitating to add rope for easily display. beautiful Easter egg Pysanka handmade - ukrainian.. #156089140 - Crafts Clay Natural Nest House for Robin and Other Garden Birds, #156089207 - Crafts Clay Natural Nest House for Robin and Other Garden Birds, #157041772 - Wooden birdhouse for birds hangs on a tree. Copper accents/trim Product Dimensions: 9" L x 8" W x 69" H. This bird house is a final decorative touch to the house making it beautiful, elegant and stylish. Blue & Cream, Outdoor Birdhouse This birdhouse is painted with two coats of high quality exterior paint with a matte finish and sealed with acrylic. Made in the USA by Birds Choice, Our Log Cabin dwelling mimics the real thing. Search 123RF with an image instead of text. All cool aluminum and stainless steel construction - Two-prong stake ITEM DIMENSIONS: 8.70"h x 6.70" l x 6.70"w. Watch the birds flock to their new Victorian birdhouse, made from wood. to be sure to prevent any rustling on your range, simply place two Product Details: 32 gauge aluminum roof. Item Dimensions: 11" H X 8.25" W X 9.5" D, Wooden And Iron Vintage 2 Floors Birdhouse. #119290635 - Empty storks nest against the blue sky. Wooden brown bench in a snowy park. The martins enter through a starling resistant entry hole. Birdhouses are also a great way to introduce children to the wonders of wildlife, and watching feathered parents flit back and forth on their errands will provide lots of entertainment for both adults and kids. Recommend nesting material be cleaned out in November. Reflective roof #113038874 - colorful wooden bird house background. Awesome bird house gallery - 78 pictures of decorative, painted, outdoor and wooden bird houses. Made with solid cypress wood which is naturally resistant to decay and insects - features copper trim and includes drainage,ventilation and rear panel cleanout - 1 1/8" hole perfect for Wrens who don't mind their homes swaying in the breeze. Comes in Natural or Red roof. Contact your dedicated Account Manager. Size is 7.12 x 7.12 x 9 inches. By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy. This design provides greater protection from natural predators such as owls, coons, and hawks. Dreamstime is the world`s largest stock photography community. Truly American (they range Photo of an unusual house in the.. #135494097 - Bird house isolated on white background with clipping path. #158178959 - Front view of drop shaped handmade natural color straw birdhouse.. #126367319 - Banner Spring Easter composition house basket branches flowers.. #125886646 - Bird is sitting on the birdhouse in the park. Vintage Wren Bird House, Antique Cypress With Multicolored Shingled Roof, Vintage Look is better than antique, with a weathered look made in the USA from solid wood that lasts for generations. Made to fit PMULT14 & HD-12 Telescoping Poles Porch dividers Handmade in Lancaster, Pennsylvania U.S.A. Measures: 24"h x 16"w x 16"d This rustic retreat is perfect for birds to camp out in. Copper hole entrance protector plate Related Images: house sparrow bird house nature birdhouse bird feeder nest shelter animal. Product Category, PATIO, LAWN & GARDEN Larger than × px Color . Hinged clean out doors, guard rails, top perch, and an all aluminum base plate This house has 3 floors and 6 suites. This hole is cut to an exact height restricting starling entry but allowing safe entry for the Purple Martin which gives it a greater sense of security. #137060057 - Easter banner. A convenient, swing-up paddle-board attached to the back allows you to hang this beautiful birdhouse anywhere. Watersedge Purple Martin House - 3 Floor/6 Room Suite (Unassembled), The 6" x 12" suite utilizes two compartments per family offering an entry room and a nesting room which provides great protection from predators. These are birdhouse plans that would be great as a family project. - Weather & rust resistant Yellow background... #143394749 - Words keep distance in wood letters and two birds on birdhouse.. #119055725 - Bird feeder from chipboard hanging on a tree in the park.

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