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Thread starter Shades of Blue; Start date Apr 1, 2020; Shades of Blue. Start new topic; 1,853 topics in this forum. Fender evidently put ample research into the design, which includes a pickup and preamp system made specifically for the line. Sort By . Use this forum to discuss Fender Jaguar and Jazzmaster related topics. These guitars had amazing qualities that people loved them for and made them the best selling instruments of the time. ... Classic player jaguar special HH tremolo arm By HelmetHeid, May 21. Forums. Fender Player vs. Vintera vs. American Original Series. 2 replies; 2.2k views; Let us return to the change in the sound we mentioned earlier. The Sound. So nobody is surprised that the manufacturers are picking up the old design blueprints and updating them, re-releasing […] By larry lenhart, June 27, 2019. Guitars in General. Read more: G&L Fullerton Deluxe Comanche. 2 replies; 984 views; ... Fender Jazzmaster with thin neck ? In truth, both the Jazzmaster has been garnering its own fans and players for many, many years becoming the almost default axe for anyone remotely ‘indie’: the anti-Fender for the anti-guitar hero. Maybe I just need time to get used to it, but it's got to be something with the two consecutive "-er" endings in a row followed by a heavy S word like series. Followers 0. 59 years later, the Jazzmaster’s dual control circuit, for example, still leaves many of us baffled. Instruments. I was immediately drawn to the shape and Tidepool Blue hue of the Jazzmaster (also available in Olympic White). Attracted to its brutish sonic character, Costello’s tremolo has a wider-than-usual travel to effect his signature sound, going so far as to inspire this song’s intense reggae-meets-spy movie sound. Once upon a time in the past they used to make guitars that sounded and looked amazing. It would have been a great idea to add another tone control so that each pickup had its own, but obviously, Fender doesn’t agree. Visually and phonetically, I think the Fender Player Series is the worst name I've ever come across. Late '60s Fender Jazzmaster Costello traded in his new Telecaster for a Jazzmaster and used the guitar for his 1977 debut. If you were looking for a vintage sounding Jazzmaster, the guitar designed for the jazz guitar player, hide your ears. Silver Supporting Member. Messages 2,114. It's …

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