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in my city rap

[15] In an interview with The Economic Times, the singer expressed her nervousness about the single release, describing it as the culmination of a two-year journey which "has been the toughest yet most enriching experience of my life while also marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter. The CD single debuted at the top of the pan-India Planet M and Music World retail chain charts. Z-Ro - In My City Lyrics. Pop Smoke – Paranoia (Instrumental) (Prod. I'm on a gangsta roll, in my two do' Regal I can't even begin to explain what I'm feeling... it's so amazing that it's been just a few days since launch and my debut single is now number one on the charts. It's the things, that's on my mind "In My City" also features background vocals from Dean, RedOne, Rush and Muzzy. So all plans have been worked out to ensure that. I got my mug on mind frame, on leave me alone When I be sliding by, in my city (in my city) It ain't no slowing down my hustle, with the block dried out Creeping on cowards cocked up in a Coupe, getting my sag on [17] She gave a negative review of the production, and panned Chopra's "auto-tuned" vocals. [Hook: Z-Ro] And I don't trust nobody, that's why I act like I don't know you fools [7] Perdy Mohindru from The Times of India described the lyrics as simple and beautiful, and complemented Chopra's accent and voice. Genre Rap/Hip-Hop Comment by GIZMO. The song was produced by RedOne, Rush and Brian Kennedy, and was co-written by Ester Dean, who provides additional vocals.The demo version of "In My City" was first played by will.i.am to Chopra, who was impressed with the track and decided to record it. [Hook: Z-Ro] Channel your inner MC as a rap-battling robot in MAD VERSE CITY! The event was broadcast live on YouTube and on screens in Reliance Digital stores across India. rap bars on “My City“ about their crime-filled home of New York. Wearing pain like it's cologne, y'all niggas tell me to be strong It sold 130,000 copies in its first week and was certified triple platinum by Indian Music Industry (IMI). Two deep sliding my mask on, really get my blast on [Hook: Z-Ro] [11] A different promo aired every week with Chopra wearing jerseys of each of the two teams playing that week. [29], A promotional video documenting the recording of "In My City" debuted during an NFL game on 13 September 2012. ", "allmusic ((( In My City > Liner Notes )))", "Nominations - Mirchi Music Award Hindi 2012", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=In_My_City&oldid=990298830, Songs written by Brian Kennedy (record producer), Pages using infobox song with unknown parameters, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, "In My City" was played on 8 May 2013 broadcast of, "In My City" was selected as the theme song for 2013 season of the, "In My City" was selected as the theme song for the 2016, Rush – producer, background vocals, instrumentation, songwriter, This page was last edited on 23 November 2020, at 22:44. [19], "In My City" was first promoted during a TV spot for the NFL Network's "Thursday Night Football" show, where the single was the music bed. The video begins with Chopra coming out of a BMW and sending a message with her cellphone to her friends. The scene is abandoned, when the first shot is fired and landed [21] In the United States the single was unsuccessful, with 5,000 digital downloads in its first week on iTunes according to Nielsen SoundScan, and did not receive radio play. “The City Is Mine” is the third single from rapper Jay-Z’s sophomore album, In My Lifetime, Vol. "In My City" is the debut single by Indian recording artist and actress Priyanka Chopra, featuring American rapper will.i.am. Thank you so much for the support and appreciation. When I be sliding by, in my city (in my city) Y'all niggas might fuck around, and jack your dog The song is a homage to Chopra's nomadic childhood and journey from being a small-town girl to being a successful actor. I'm in hella-fied zone, trying to get my rhyme on The things, that's on my mind Pop. In the middle, there is an Indian-African influenced drum beat with elaborate choreography. The song continues with more dancing, until it ends with Chopra and all her friends laughing. She will be in India for the launch when the song and special video will air during the TV telecast of NFL. Five deuce and six zones, six treys and six fo's But y'all niggas don't even know, what the fuck is really going's on Chopra liked the song and decided to proceed with the recording. Recently Added. Trunk banging and screens raining, let my top down tailored Giant robots have invaded, and they want one thing: to set the city ablaze with their best verses. November 18, 2020 Official Instrumentals, Rap Instrumentals. [11] Chopra filmed a video that aired every Thursday night before and after Thursday Night Football on the NFL Network. If you keep them niggas away, you live to see another day It's the things, that's on my mind (Missing Lyrics). Credits are adapted from the liner notes of the CD single. When I be sliding by, in my city (in my city) Cause I done seen some fucked up shit, at the red light Whatever they want whatever they need, believe I got em I bet you wanna know what's on my mind, when I be sliding by Billboard Hot 100. [12][13][14], Nokia provided exclusive downloads of the song and was chosen as a key feature for Blenders Pride Fashion Tour. [Verse 3: Trae Tha Truth] That's the reason why when we be chilling, my pistol still up in my palm I ain't gotta explain shit, you niggas better get the fuck on (Missing Lyrics), Get That (Skit 2) BMG B's down moves, tree tops and windows The next day, the song was released for digital downloads to Nokia Music Store along with CD single. She said, "I am so overwhelmed! ... Hip Hop/Rap. [7] Chopra refuted the claims that her voice was digitally modulated, and said she has a high range in her voice, and that she always had an accent while speaking English. When I be sliding by, in my city (in my city), Intro (Assholes By Nature) When I be sliding by, in my city (in my city) Popular Song Lyrics. When I be sliding by, in my city (in my city) You'll get this beam, cause I ain't trying to look in the rearview The accompanying video for "In My City" was directed by Joseph Kahn and was released in January 2013. [11] The day after the NFL launch, the song was released on CD single as well as for digital download in India. City tryna bring the peace Give a fuck bout what they saying But I ain't stopping till all these bitch ass niggas all feel my pain Ayy They say put Stockton on the map But I do this for my side and everybody on my back Cause everything I'm giving out ain't nobody giving back So give a fuck about this rap I'm tryna put me on the map After done-datta, searching for my throne I reign someday Mean mugging, relieving some of this stress don't fuck with me "[8] The song was showcased in an event on 13 September in Mumbai, which was transmitted live on the YouTube and Bollywood Hungama websites. [2] The song was recorded at Chalice Recording Studios in Los Angeles, California, and mixed by Muzzy (mixing engineer) under RedOne Productions Ltd.[2] Chopra and will.i.am were in the studios for two days while recording; Chopra said she poured her "blood and soul" into it. They all get it, and join her in dancing the song. @user-207429312: me neither 2020-11-06T20:33:11Z But to see these results so quickly is beyond gratifying," Sanyal said, before saying that the single debut would be followed by many promotional campaigns targeting different multimedia facets.

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