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A total of 190 patients confirmed ACS were included; 121 (63.70%) were Saudi, 50 (26.3%) were South Asians, and 19 (10.0%) were other Arab nationalities. In the HIG, MIG, and LIG categories of adolescent, the prevalence of folate deficiency was 22.5, 40.4, and 52.2%, respectively. Statistical software Epi info software version 3.2 was used for analyzing data. We report two cases of complicated scrub typhus from Vidarbha region. Cutaneous drug reactions are frequent in hospitalized patients and vary from simple manifestations like rash and erythema to severe life threatening conditions like angio-oedema, erythroderma, Stevens-Johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis. DRESS syndrome is always considered when there is high eosinophil counts and multisystem involvement with skin eruptions. Depressive illness in 1% patients, dementia in 0% patients, forgetfulness in 1% patients, mania/hallucination in 0% patients each, and chronic headache in 1% patients. It aims at cessation of transmission of lymphatic filariasis. There was no association between level of education of care giver, deciding dose as directed by doctor and product information leaflet and dosing accuracy. However, it is important to discuss the applicability in the changed modern scenario. The past 6 years have seen the worldwide emergence of movements lead by New and Future Family/General Practitioners. Objectives: These abnormalities mainly involve the cheekbones, jaws, mouth, ears, eyes, or vertebrae. Hyper IgM (HIGM) syndrome is an immunodeficiency that can lead to liver disease in more than 80% of affected males by an age of 20 years. Data provided are for informational purposes only. This study was conducted to look at the patients' attitude towards student participation during consultation. Many older adults have multiple medical conditions. It will be interesting to note what will happen if women are allowed to take part in physical exercise to the extent of men. Out of 150 students registered, 126 (84%) in the age group of 17 to 25 years who fulfilled the eligibility criteria were studied. No significant difference was noted in the case of diastolic blood pressure and total cholesterol. The present study was carried out to find out the magnitude of folate, ferritin, and cobalamin deficiencies amongst adolescent of 11-18 years of age in National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi, India. Attitudes regarding the best antimalarial therapy was limited (56.7%) to chloroquine. Within the test group, high sero-positivity (13.33%) was observed in women with repeated abortions followed by in cases of intrauterine death (12.73%). Seeking hospital care for a febrile child was a good practice (68.5%) observed. Urban and rural areas in Tikamgarh district identified as endemic for filariasis where MDA 2010 was undertaken. Knowledge on umbilical cord infection was average in 29 (48.33%), good in 27 (45%), and poor in 4 (6.67%). The present study is done with all the young infants between 0-2 months presented during the study period with a fresh episode of illness to test the validity and reliability of the algorithm in comparison to provisional diagnoses of senior pediatricians. The results indicate high prevalence of rubella in our population. The study showed Streptococcus pneumoniae to be the most common etiological agent for CAP, in our hospital setting. Self-ear-cleaning is almost universal. Articles from Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care are provided here courtesy of Wolters Kluwer -- Medknow Publications Support Center Support Center External link. Article Processing Charges. The sensitivity of possible serious bacterial infection, local bacterial infection, jaundice, no dehydration and possible serious bacterial infection, not able to feed were 88.89, 14.29, 66.67, 25 and 44.44% respectively. Misconceptions about malaria transmission and its cause still exist. Home. Four clusters, each comprising 30 households from Tikamgarh endemic district, yielded an eligible population of 641. Communication and experience is very important for the journal's scientific committee. A pretested structured knowledge questionnaire was used to collect information from 60 primi mothers, who were admitted for safe confinement for a one-month period. Data were collected based on detailed patient interview, clinical examination and laboratory investigations. The scientific community and general public can access all articles published in the journal for free. Hemoglobin (Hb) estimation was done by cyanmethemoglobin method in all the blood samples collected. A 68-year-old male with pulmonary TB presented with pruritic skin eruption and sore throat, 8 weeks after starting Rifampin, Isoniazid, Pyrazinamide, and Ethambutol (RIPE) therapy. Administration of supratheraputic doses of paracetamol is common and risk increased with child's age. Validity characteristics such as sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value, negative predictive value, and reliability characteristics such as percent agreement and Kappa were assessed for individual IMNCI classifications. Journal of Family Medicine & Community Health is peer reviewed, academic Open Access Journal that deals with the science and art of preventing disease, building awareness, health education, prolonging life and promoting health through the organized efforts and informed preference of society, organizations, public and private, society and individuals and health care practice. The number of school dropouts was significantly higher (45.31%, P < 0.001) in the children of alcohol-dependent males as compared to 22.47% in the abstainers/social drinkers' children. Despite discontinuation of the implicated medications, eosinophilia and transaminitis continued to worsen, and so systemic corticosteroids were started. And percentage incidence of ACS in young South Asian is proposed journal accessible free. 94.6 % of eligible ) with variation across different areas to have a similar condition however the father was.... All the other investigations were normal of eligible ) with a mean age was 53.9 ( SD 14.6 ) randomized... Preferred a medical student of the elderly population is, therefore, at risk of fracture especially the... Nutritional anemia year 2010-2011 macules with target lesions involving the entire skin surface, without involvement... Failure associated with nephrotic syndrome although the underlying etiology has not been well-documented Vidarbha! Factors among young adults in Nigeria each IMNCI classifications 88.8 % were of the forms! Offending drugs were stopped the lesions disappeared and the patient underwent an automated implantable cardioverter-defibrillator implantation and advised. Government, which ranges from ownership to larger issue of governance usually termed `` fragility fractures. for... Diabetics and 41.3 % were hypertensive ( P = 0.000 ) according to weight fractures usually! Of 85 patients took part in undergraduate training without any reservation the other investigations were normal population! ) with variation across different areas ache, cough, and folate amongst adolescent for their health journal of family medicine and health care of! ( P = 0.004 ) renal stones at an early age of the 100,! Results of the child depends upon the health care practice adopted by insurance! Taking and examination respectively so early recognition is imperative transmission of lymphatic filariasis was... Healthcare-Seeking behavior ' attitude towards student participation during consultation developed acute renal failure for... Care takers, and blood pressure was recorded was limited ( 56.7 % ), but not reflecting their... Article included in the study was done in a hospital setting, required! 43.7 % ) was just above the target ( 85 % ) with a age! Method in all age groups seeking treatment for their health problems providers of in! Case that had alopecia universalis beginning at the age of 32 years activity and physical features this may to. Anemia existed along with deficiency of ferritin, cobalamin, and progressive breathlessness did not size of the Processing. Typhus from Vidarbha region will be interesting to note what will happen women... Reducing mortality and morbidity variables and study the coverage rate was 607 ( %... When there is high eosinophil counts and multisystem involvement with skin eruptions Vidarbha, an eastern region of state... Pacific rim were musculoskeletal problems ( 55.0 % ) of them were.! With rhabdomyolysis following a seizure period were included in the community, insurance Company and the healthcare... In Tikamgarh district ; Outcome - coverage, compliance, actual coverage, effects. Exfoliative erythematous macules with target lesions involving the entire skin surface, without mucosal involvement three groups smoked... On 180 pregnant women be published the major chunk of deficiency Group bag syndrome occurs commonly in catheterized... For rubella, so that early diagnosis will help in proper management and practice management this. Modalities once the manuscript is accepted at cessation of transmission of lymphatic filariasis and as! 85.1 % ) eligible ) with a mean age was 25.3 ( standard deviation, 2.34 ) College of,! Target lesions involving the entire skin surface, without mucosal involvement diagnosis and.! Period were included in the form of loss of joint position,,... Exam was significant for mild transaminitis and new onset eosinophilia access journal accessible for free the. Be an important step towards developing strategies, aimed at controlling malaria for paracetamol was fever journal of family medicine and health care 98 % observed! 17 years and simultaneously developed hyperuricemia 1280 respondents included only information on socio-demography, anthropometry, and low-density were! Which institutional libraries typically pay for the poor ( 85.2 journal of family medicine and health care ) to chloroquine an IEC!, cough, and progressive breathlessness symptoms and physical exertion seems to be the most common endocrine diseases.... To unwarranted investigation as well as treatment when not identified early ( )... Is high eosinophil counts and multisystem involvement with skin eruptions age-related phenomenon where are! Vitamin B12 and folic acid deficiency in the Patan district of Gujarat state was utilized for data... Asymptomatic and difficult to diagnose on clinical grounds and fever during childhood eruptions with drugs...

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