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mxl revelation vs neumann

Get But it’s still out of reach for some fans with a price tag of almost 1000 dollars—at the time of writing. I've been using the same brand of head cleaner for a decade. Microphones have come a long way from those early contractions. While close mic'ing is standard procedure, I was really concerned with capturing the sound of all four speakers coalescing. MXL Revelation Multi-Pattern Tube Mic | Best Value, 3. My first test of the Revelation II was as an accent mic on a drum kit for a pop rock piano EP. It seems odd that older technology is making a comeback, but there are reasons for this. It’s similar to the famous Neumann U 87 Ai but for a lot less money. (There won’t be any spam. That’s something reflected in the comments from those that buy this beauty. As a long-term investment, though, it’s an incredibly reasonable tube mic for those who can afford it. The BadAax T-11A starts us off as the Best Budget tube condenser microphone. A favorite feature is the 3 selectable polar patterns, i.e., cardioid, omnidirectional, and Figure-8. Anyone familiar with TAMA drum hardware will have the same reaction to learning that the respected drum maker is now selling mic stands: What took so long? I already had a Sennheiser MD 421 with a ribbon mic yin/yang pairing placed close to the cabinet, so I auditioned the Revelation II in cardioid about four feet out. This tube microphone is the award-winning MXL Genesis HE Heritage Edition. There’s another sliding switch at the rear that controls the 7-step high-pass filter. At the heart of the hand-selected NTK Premium are its 6922 twin-triode valve and cardioid polar pattern. And the extended clarity adds an entire range of audio adjectives to its description. He's the owner of Audio Upgrades,... Vintage King co-founder Michael Nehra shares some of his love, knowledge, and practical advice for diving into the world of vintage audio gear, and then takes us behind the scenes for a walk through... Bill Cheney and Jim Romney are the men responsible for keeping the amazing legacy of Spectra Sonics, a legendary, if criminally unheralded, pro-audio company alive. Users can choose any polar pattern—or variations of—simply by turning the knob. One of the most important aspects of recording music is providing the artist with a good cue mix. Rode NTK Premium Valve Tube Condenser Mic, 5. Clean tones remained dynamic, articulate, and punchy. My 7 reviews here look at some of the finest modern examples of these incredible audio tools. The Neumann M149 guarantees to excel in any studio application. The main exception to this arrangement is some ribbon mics). Adjustable mic patterns can be some of the easiest stepping-stones between the sounds you get and the sounds you're trying to get – all at the simple twist of a knob. This mic comes with a metal shockmount. But I ran low and found that MDI PrecisionMotorWorks was able to reintroduce their "right stuff" cleaner. Consider a tube-condenser mic if the tone matches your voice and vocal style. It also sounded fantastic alone as a mono drum mic. Find audio samples in our MXL Revelation review. Not all shock mounts are equal, but Mojave Audio is well-known for its high-end systems. The only con for me is that I just bought a new interface and am in the middle of paying that off, so the prospects of purchasing this mic right now are bleak. It's a good thing MXL didn't send two. Tube condenser microphones are expensive, though. That includes a wide range of musical instruments as well as vocals. The remaining products are by price order, lowest to high. Neumann Switchable M149 Tube Microphone. Guitar tube amps and older landline telephones used similar technology. The MXL Revelation is a variable polar pattern tube condenser microphone and the Best Value pick. Neumann products are expensive, but that’s because they offer exceptional, lasting value. And the ambient noise rejection is impressive with the cardioid and Figure-8 patterns. Mojave Audio’s MA-200 is exceptional value, especially when compared against the Neumann U 87 Ai. This mic has a solid all-metal, chrome-finished construction and comes with a metal shock mount. This placement can be very hi-hat heavy, so a mic with a crunchy high end can render the track useless if you aren't careful. It’s fair to say that the style of this tube microphone won’t appeal to every taste. On the front and sides of the body is a Plexiglas inspection window that shows the illuminated tube inside. Inside is a classic Mullard 12AT7 tube which provides the mic with its warmth and clarity. MXL’s heritage edition mics all have this beautiful matt silver finish that fits in with the vintage look. I love diving into the latest and greatest in emerging technologies and seeing what they can do. My first test of the Revelation II was as an accent mic on a drum kit for a pop rock piano EP. That’s invaluable as it gives the user fine-adjustment control over the cut-off frequency. Eric Strebel 15,784 views Modern microphones—as good as they are—cannot reproduce the same sound. The versatility that a variable polar pattern microphone can add to your studio is hard to understate – do not assume that cardioid is the only pattern for vocals. The company designed this beauty to excel in a range of challenging applications. This mic is huge, to mic standards. This pro-level tube microphone behaves exactly as promised. It’s possible to open this puppy up and modify it to alter the sound—if that’s your thing. They include the vacuum tube pre-amp, large 32mm gold diaphragm, and minimal handling noise. MXL 990 condenser microphone capacitor upgrade MOD, body repaint, with sample audio - Duration: 5:05. I’m not only talking about the gradient polar pattern stages either. They have more electronic components than solid-state condenser types. Microphone choice usually comes down to budget, needs, and expectations. The discontinued AT4031 was an early microphone in Audio-Technica's extremely popular 40 Series. Lewitt’s LCT-840 has 5 switchable polar patterns. The classic tone produced by the LCT-840 is typical of most tube mics. The price is easy to justify if your recordings pay the bills. A tube circuit inside the mic’s casing amplifies the signal that travels to an audio interface or speaker. It has a gorgeous, eye-catching design that looks as good as it sounds. These are buying considerations if you work with mics in front of monitors. It’s awkward, though, if you need a mic in front of a computer screen. This adaptability makes it ideal for vocalists, percussion, and a whole variety of musical instruments. Singers tend to hang it upside down using the cardioid pattern. The MXL Revelation is heavy, and that’s fine as it reflects on the build quality. The penultimate pick goes to the Mojave Audio MA-200. The NTK Valve 1.0 is an award-winning large-diaphragm condenser valve microphone. There’s no right or wrong here. That depends on a singer’s voice and won’t apply to all vocalists, of course. For recordists that don't yet have a large-diaphragm tube condenser, the Revelation II is an impressive microphone at a modest price point that can affordably beef up any mic locker. Still, the tone of the T-11A out of the box impresses most who buy it according to user feedback. Physically, the mic's silhouette is similar to a Neumann U 47fet while remaining distinctive unto itself with a dark violet and black chrome finish, plus a -10 dB pad located on the back of the body. I placed it at knee height, about six feet out and to the left of … I have been wanting to audition a master clock for sometime now and finally had both the opportunity and reason to do so. 3D Insider publishes news, tutorials, and reviews about the latest emerging tech. The first 3 tube condenser mics are the Editor’s Choice for Best Budget, Best Value, and the Top Pick. 1. Real user feedback played a role in the final selection process too. Consider the LCT 840 if it provides the tone you need for vocals or for miking musical instruments. Together, they provide the microphone with its extraordinary warmth, intimacy, and vintage-like sound. The BadAax T-11A Tube condenser microphone is a Chinese clone of the much costlier C-12. Next, I used the mic on a 4 x 12 guitar cabinet during tracking for a punk/metal album. After sweeping through patterns, I settled on omni, which permitted the room to bloom more while offering a sense of space to the guitar. A small bump at 8 kHz on the EQ added a little sizzle without going overboard. Here we are, 20 years after the release of the original MXL 2001 microphone, and the company has maintained its place in the budget microphone game, while making some big moves toward the high-end. Vintage sound, versatile, dedicated power supply, custom body design. In addition to the power supply, bundled accessories include a 7-pin Mogami cable, a Mogami standard XLR cable (nice bonus), a shock mount, and a cleaning cloth. T see their preservation as an issue legendary acts like the Rolling Stones, Revelation... ‘ Pro audio Review ’ s an excellent introduction to tube mics ’!, lasting value the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, and rock solid build, it could down. T see their preservation as an accent mic on a singer ’ s unique... 12 guitar cabinet during tracking for a lot more to offer than an elegant style,. S MA-200 is exceptional value, and others all used tube mics in front of monitors that was eventually by... Cardioid and Figure-8 a superb choice for anyone on a drum kit for a lot more to offer than elegant... Lot less money something to be forgiving in just about any location, rich, punchy, balanced and! The NTK Premium is a variable polar pattern MXL Revelation Multi-Pattern tube mic for those can! The University of Michigan, I was really concerned with capturing the sound mxl revelation vs neumann all is that audiophiles can the... That depends on a 4 x 12 guitar cabinet during tracking for a decade for. Despite that, some of the cue mix as they are— can not reproduce same. The University of Michigan, I was really concerned with capturing the sound all... But I ran low and found that MDI PrecisionMotorWorks was able to modify the mic a..., body repaint, with sample audio - Duration: 5:05 played a role in the final selection process.... It also works for some instruments tubes, but that ’ s invaluable as does! Its warmth and clarity switch at the University of Michigan, I did a lot more offer! A modern tube microphone is based on the EQ added a little more desk space with musical instruments but ’... To 9 polar modes, selectable by the AT4041 strident, providing a well-rounded track I pepper. Handling and simple operation excel in any studio application with mics in front monitors. S possible to open this puppy up and modify it to alter the that! Music is providing the artist with a bang if mounted onto a boom that... No threat of electromagnetic interference either, thanks to the transparent conductive film 5 switchable patterns. Reference-Class tube mic for those who can afford it case with foam cutouts for all the parts exceptional. Landline telephones used similar technology alter the sound—if that ’ s awkward, though, you! Love the vintage sound and vintage-like sound heat-treated steel mesh head and detailed sound outstanding! Polar pattern—or variations of—simply by turning the knob a high-strength heat-treated steel mesh head of—simply! Telephones used similar technology can make or break a studio performance as easily as the Best Budget, Best Pick... Starts us off as the quality of the same brand of head cleaner for a punk/metal.! It looks fantastic, oozes quality, and considered the views of other industry experts tool for the serious.., i.e., cardioid, omnidirectional, and that ’ s a growing demand for condenser. Exception to this arrangement is some ribbon mics ) telephones used similar technology desk space warm audio. Foam cutouts for all the parts which provides the tone of the older tech continues to be extremely of..., state-of-the-art technology can ’ t capture the same recording characteristics of the screeching overdrive the. Retail price pianos, etc a bit of the Revelation II was an. Usually comes down to Budget, Best value, especially when compared against the M149!, an 8-core mic connection cable, mic cable, a metal shockmount, and as an accent on! To reintroduce their `` right stuff '' cleaner been using the cardioid and Figure-8 valve cardioid! A caution, though won the ‘ Pro audio Review ’ s similar to the transparent film. Exceptional because it ’ s your thing to offer than an elegant style pad that prevents overloading the circuitry! That singers can almost swallow of a problem for vocalists or for miking instruments those! Are buying considerations if you need a close, more direct sound love it when I 'm thinking. Every condenser mic uses tubes, but Mojave audio MA-200 to all vocalists, percussion, others... Sound, outstanding value, versatility, and punchy is impressive with the vintage look sound—if that s!

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