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Matthew is an audio drama writer and producer who enjoys talking about podcasts. And with the Neumann U87 picking up absolutely everything, this could lead to potential issues for someone using it to podcast. But if you're creating a speech podcast where you won't be recording in a professionally treated studio, then the Neumann U87 isn't the microphone for you. The Neumann will lend a richness, a warmth and a clarity to vocals, in the right conditions. The Neumann U87 is a pretty big deal in audio production circles. What I tend to find when recording a voice with it, is there is a certain space around the performer, a sonic stamp, it seems to draw out the artist in the artist and it does so in an extremely clean and smooth way. The u87 is one of those mics that rarely sounds bad on things and often sounds really good or excellent. Well, not necessarily. The impression one surely takes away is that of an item not of the domestic world, but that of a mechanical, purposeful one. Listing #: 26944. Tips to avoid fraud. Neumann U 87 Ai Set Large-diaphragm Condenser Microphone - Nickel. Neumann U87 … Some things I think it sounds reliably good on, … While the microphone initially may seem quite different looking to the CMV3, if you were to remove the silver head basket, it would look really rather similar, incidentally if you are wondering, in the picture above the microphone is actually hung upside down, a subject of some debate as to why this was done, the two most probable theories are that this was to limit exposure to the precious capsule from heat generated by the body of the microphone, while others believe it was simply a way to keep the microphone from obscuring the view of a lyric sheet. We'll show you the exact steps, give you a launch schedule & help you along the way. it was made famous by the German dictator Adolf Hitler. Using them anywhere else can return mixed results. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. It is this quality that draws the attention of audio engineers and a music industry that requires broadcast grade or commercial equipment where compatibility, preservation of signal and dependability are absolutely key, this industry like TV or Film, is uncompromising in its pursuit of perfection or meeting the high standards before its product can be passed for distribution nationally or globally. If it's your first time, we've got your back with a free 7 day bootcamp. Due to the discontinuation of some of the key components of the U47, Neumann were under pressure to deliver a new design that could be used up close, offering a different sound, less emphasis in the mid-range and a more forward tone, this they achieved with the U67. If you're a singer, or voice actor, then this can really strengthen and enhance your performance. Approximately £1750 in the UK, and $3100 in the US. This is an unbelievably good microphone, worthy of its price tag and reputation. Why Use a Professional Voice Recording Service? This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. With the Neumann U87 you have a choice of three. If you're using a USB preamp/mixer and involving a computer or laptop be wary that this can cause more unwanted sounds in your recordings. The U 87 was designed as a solid-state version of the U 67 tube microphone. The theme is 'discourse and positivity'. The 60's and 70's - A Golden Era of Record Production. That’s a. The Neumann U87 has been the go to instrument for singers and voice over artists for over half a century now, it is trusted by large recording studios and movie studios the world over. But you should have a very very good reason, and excellent recording conditions, before treating yourself to one. You'll usually find the Neumann U87 sold in a robust case, housed with foam to hold the mic in place. Noises elsewhere in the building, or next door, can be picked up really easily, as well as noises from the street outside. But if you're recording a conversation (in our case, a podcast) it can actually become something of a curse. I've recorded this sample in a semi sound-dampened area. To answer this, we need to be clear on what the Neumann U87 is actually for. If you're a singer, or voice actor, then this can really strengthen and enhance your performance. In any picture of an 87 the gravity of the microphone may not be obvious, but in the hand it is weighty and finely finished, every switch designed as if to withstand the rigors of battle, the head basket (wire frame enclosure at the top of the microphone) is tightly and accurately woven, it is not lumpy or crude as I have noticed in many of its imitators. The nickel U 87 Ai Condenser Microphone from Neumann is a large dual-diaphragm condenser microphone. Condenser mics are usually used in studios to … Let's take a look. You may note that the U67 is almost identical to the U87 other than its smaller size but as well it was powered by an external tube based unit, The U67 is a highly valued item and like the U47 can be bought for an eye-watering price tag placing it well beyond the reach of most audio engineers. Having said that, not many people own one. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Should I invest in my own Recording Setup? Some things I think it sounds reliably good on, depending on the production values: acoustic guitar etc; grand piano; cello; male vox; room mic (in omni). Come and find out for yourselves why we love it so much. This microphone is extremely high-end and designed to pick up every single nuance of the voice being projected into it. The Neumann U87 will usually come with it's own shock mount, which attaches to most boom arms or microphone stands.

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