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Without the straps, the shelf could easily move around on the pipes. Industrial Pipe Bookshelf. You can play with the pipe color – either by choosing a different metal or painting it – to suit your decor. This particular set of DIY pipe shelves is particularly brilliant because it’s on wheels! So, of course, the shelves will eventually be styled completely, but for now, I’m loving the simplicity as we tackle other parts of this space. Since the shelves are exposed, organize your items with baskets, book ends, and magazine boxes. If you're renting your current home or move often, they're an excellent alternative to moving giant bookcases. These designs make incredible wall-mounted and floating shelving units. You can pretty easily find pipes in black, silver or copper. That’s because there is so much versatility in the color and shape of metal and wood used. There are essentially three separate structures that make up this industrial pipe shelving: a left shelving unit (with five shelves) that is 70″ long; a middle, single shelf that is 53 5/8″ long; a right shelving unit (with five shelves) that is 36″ long; All of these DIY pipe shelves are (approximately) 11″ deep. 3. Then we washed the oil off of the pipes (the employees at Lowe’s put oil on there to help cut it) and once they were dry, we roughed the pipe parts up with sandpaper (so the spray paint would adhere to it) and spray painted all the parts using a flat black color. Create DIY pipe shelves that come from the ceiling instead of the floor to expand your working and storage space. 1. After each of the flanges was secured to the wall, we screwed in the pipe, then screwed on the caps, and placed the shelf on top of the pipes. I don’t know how many times I have been asked to make a DIY tutorial for it. For the actual pipes, the only prep work we had to do was have the pipe cut to size (Lowe’s took care of that for free in the store). After about two years enjoying our beautiful DIY Industrial Pipe Shelving I decided it was time for an update. It’s better to be safe than sorry, right? If you want something that can handle heavier loads like these printers, then anchoring to the wall like this is a brilliant idea. A wood and pipe wall shelf can be functional and fashionable. This design has an almost antique look to it. I remember seeing the industrial pipe shelves a few years ago and instantly thought how cool they were, which is exactly what inspired us to recreate this look for a rustic-inspired baby nursery. The design is industrial-inspired and looks absolutely perfect with minimalist decor, boho-chic design, and eclectic aesthetics, but it can also be worked into just about any design theme. Forget a weekend – you can pull this off in an hour! Supplies for 2 DIY Pipe Shelves (affiliate links used): 4 pipes cut to size (1-inch diameter) 4 caps (1 inch) 4 Galvanized Floor Flanges (1 inch) <– this is where most of the cost comes from (almost $10 each) Wood cut to two equal shelves; Sandpaper; Stain (color of your choice) + rags; 1 bottle flat black spray paint If you’re not sure where to start, any employee at your local hardware or home improvement store can walk you through the basics of putting together the pipes and fixtures to create the shape you want. the bottom of the safety clips). A darker finish would look warm and masculine. The vertical lines create an optical illusion of height which can really open up your space. You can load those shelves up with super heavy items like a collection of books or records with no problem at all. DIY Pipe Shelves. These units may sit on the floor or be mounted to the ceiling or wall. Want to have a bar in your home but short on space? I joke that I have Restoration Hardware taste but like to stick to a Target + Home Depot budget when remodeling. While I’m no Ana White, some of my favorite parts of our house are things that I was able to make myself at a tenth of the cost of buying them or having them made. So rest assured that we are taking safety very seriously in this makeover to ensure that this space is not only stylish but most importantly, very safe. Art, books, and dishes aren’t the only things that can go on your shelves. Think about where you want your shelves to go, what you plan to put on them, and how you want them to look in the context of the rest of the room. It’s no wonder that DIY pipe shelves are all over design blogs and Pinterest boards. A properly mounted pipe wall shelf can also handle a lot, but a floor mount is your safest choice. As do-it-yourself projects go, they’re also rather simple to create and install. as in those babies aren’t going a-n-y-w-h-e-r-e. See how we screwed them in with a dark nut and a dark washer halfway down the pipe? We learned a few tips along the way too and are spilling to the beans so your project goes as smoothly as possible! You can double down by varying the height of the shelves as well. We knew we could DIY these industrial pipe shelves without spending a ton of time or money and that’s exactly what we did! This style would look lovely in a more traditional home or with country-style decor. DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves. Using copper instead of black or galvanized steel pipes can completely change the look of your DIY pipe shelf design. Not all DIY pipe shelves or shelving units follow the same design guidelines. All you need are the necessary pipes and brackets, a secure wall mount, and a piece of finished wood. Although we LOVE the look of these shelves, we do want to warn you that this DIY project was NOT dirt cheap (which was a surprise to me). Bathrooms can be full of odd nooks, crannies, and empty walls that can look awkward when they’re bare. If you want ... 2. Simply cut the wood pieces down to the length and width to fit into your living space and get the pipes cut to match. How about some plants instead? If you’re going for a raw, edgy look, then check out the ideas with black pipe and raw or dark finished wood. Just check out this brilliant DIY pipe shelf design for an indoor garden! Having various shelf heights also adds an artistic appearance that’s less utilitarian and more design-focused. Cheers! Add a couple of floating shelves and some cleverly disguised storage decor to liven up the space. Just look at this adorable solution for floating bathroom shelves. Hot tip: colored glass adds interesting color and texture while still appearing spacious and letting light through. After the stain and the spray paint on the pipes was dry, we were ready to start hanging! The price differences in these materials can be significant, so to change colors on a budget you can simply spray paint the pipes instead. A wall unit like this is a perfect example. Source: flawlesschaos.com. Step 2: Decide on the Size of Your DIY Pipe Shelves. The First Step to Hanging a DIY Barn Door. – Tracey’s Bright Beach House, Reader SOS – Living Room Furniture Layout, Reader SOS – Mid-Century Modern Spanish Bungalow, Reader SOS – Transforming a Concrete Patio, How to Make a DIY Acrylic Dry Erase Board, Using Chalk Spray Paint to Transform Outdated Decor, Refreshing Mocktail Recipes for Pregnancy, A Family Favorite – Coconut Crispies During the Holidays, Tips to Survive DIY Projects with your Significant Other, 2020 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – My Top Picks, The Best Sports Bras for Breastfeeding Moms, Best Black Friday 2020 Deals to Shop Today. Maximize your home storage space by installing this very cool industrial … You could even paint the light fixtures to coordinate with the shelving unit – or add a creative design. DIY Pipe Shelf Update. Having a unit for these very heavy items is best to be placed on the floor. Keeping things simple and sparse will only make this decor look more stylish. Many of our customers have used Kee Klamp to great success to build their own shelves. Happy DIY-ing! © 2020 HomeBNC.com - All rights reserved. This piece works great in a home office space, but could just as easily hold items in the kitchen or serve as a bedside table. Follow my step-by-step tutorial to make your own DIY industrial pipe shelves. Once we decided on the wood, we bought one long piece and brought them home to cut them to size (the hardware store will do this for free if you don’t want to handle this step at home). Open Pipe Bookshelves: DIY. And the last thing — the paint did adhere to the pipes but be super careful not to scratch any of these parts on each other because the paint will scratch/chip off. Oh man, this movable shelving unit is inspiring major design envy! DIY Industrial Pipe Bookshelf. Simple and Stylish Pipe Wall Shelf. Often DIY pipe shelf design is categorized as “industrial” decor, but that doesn’t mean you have to live in an NYC loft to make it work. Together we’re creating our dream home in Chicago, one DIY project at a time.

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