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Longtime readers may recall that the PRS S2 Vela was the coverstar of G&B back in June 2015. Forums > Guitars and Amplifiers > Electric Instruments > Vela Reclaimed for sale. Das Holz findet man sonst nicht bei Gitarren. By checking the boxes you agree to receive the following from us via e-mail. Combining compression, boost and a powerful EQ section, could this unassuming grey box from Croatia be the ultimate tone-enhancer? Back in 2011, Fender’s Telebration line included guitars with bodies fashioned from redwood from a Californian railway bridge and old pine from a barn in Indiana. The most dangerous time of year for your wallets is here. From teenage ‘indie’ beginnings, Johnny Marr has flourished into one of the finest guitar stylists in rock music. No bigger than a chunky stompbox, Orange’s latest Terror is a fully fledged 20-watt amplifier complete with valve preamp and (sort of) channel switching. • Neck Width 42.1mm at nut, 52.4mm at 12th fret Das Holz ist über 100 Jahre alt und stammt aus alten Hütten im atlantischen Regenwald in Brasilien. PRS Guitars is proud to offer a small batch of “Reclaimed Limited” CE 24 Semi-Hollow and S2 Vela Semi-Hollow guitars that showcase two exotic wood species new to PRS: Peroba Rosa and Brauna Preto. In the first of a series looking at the chord shapes and sequences used by the Beatles, we get inside the head of John Lennon and find a solid rhythm guitarist with an ear for original chord changes. View our current job openings and join our team! The September 2020 issue of Guitar Magazine is out now! Choose one of our Private Stock models or let us build your dream instrument. Choose one of our Private Stock models or let us build your dream instrument. This reclaimed wood is used on two natural satin nitrocellulose-finished guitars, the CE 24 and Vela. 100% Parts and Labor Coverage Product Replacement - if your product cannot be fixed or costs too much to fix, we will … It's a collaboration with keyboard player David Garfield. The Reclaimed Limited edition series guitar (approximately 600 pieces) features 100+-year old Brazilian tonewoods consisting of a Peroba Rosa top, with satin nitro finish, and Brauna Preto fingerboard. Join the family today. • Hardware Nickel PRS Plate-Style twin brass-saddle bridge, Low Mass locking tuners Any nail holes and any wear or discoloration have been left in the top wood to showcase its history. • Finish Natural satin nitrocellulose Here in a more resonant incarnation, despite an offset aesthetic designed to appeal to the cool kids in the playground, the Vela’s satisfying and versatile blend of clarity and smoothness makes it a dynamic tool for fluid soloing as well as jangle and edgy drive tones. This is a Limited ( 1 of 300 ) Reclaimed Wood S2 Vela. • Neck Depth 21.7mm at nut, 23.9mm at 12th fret “Reclaiming these timbers also allows me to personally make a contribution to sustaining and celebrating Brazil’s resources.”. Time to remind ourselves of just 20 of his countless great guitar moments. Constructed from Peroba Rosa and Brauna Preto, both exotic tropical hardwoods. • String Spacing 35.4mm at nut, 51.9mm at bridge We caught up with the man himself to talk tone, finding beauty in corners, and why there’s something very special about a black sparkle finish…, The mysterious multi-instrumentalist, producer and guitar-builder discusses his recently released EP, why guitars should look cooler than they sound, and being a body double for Sacha Baron Cohen. Read our official news stories and product announcements. There’s certainly something romantic about the notion of owning a musical instrument made from materials with an interesting backstory and there can be tonal benefits from using aged wood, too.

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