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public health nurse education requirements

This is lower than the median for nurses across the board. This can help ensure you not only understand the various aspects of being a nurse, but may also expedite furthering your education and career as a public health nurse. Depending on where you work, you may also have to provide critical care to people. Various accreditation bodies exist around the country. Helpful Organizations, Societies, & Agencies, Post-Master’s Certificate Nurse Practitioner, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN), Advanced Public Health Nurse-Board Certified, National Healthcare Disaster Certification, health educators and community health workers, Quad Council Coalition of Public Health Nursing Organizations, National Board of Public Health Examiners, Mobile units providing health care services, Provide screening tests for specific populations, Provide immunizations to adults and children, Provide nutrition education for various programs, including the WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) program, Collect data and look for trends/patterns in disease outbreaks, Educate and treat infectious diseases, to include sexually transmitted diseases, Educate high-risk populations (drug users, prostitutes, etc.) This usually involves achieving a four-year bachelor’s degree, although there are a few community health programs that also accept an associate’s degree. Check out these top RN-to-MSN bridge programs. However, BSN degrees are recommended for entry-level public health nursing. Travel is also a big part of the job, mainly because your role as a public health nurse will be to bring health services to remote and under served communities. The other body is the CCNE or Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. According to payscale.com, the average salary for a public health nurse is $56,111 annually. Many patients, especially those in underserved, rural, or underprivileged communities do not seek health care, or cannot afford to. This figure can vary depending on degrees/certificates held, and city/state of employment. Studying towards a public health nurse qualification is expensive. However, this is the median salary, which means 50% of public health nurses earn more. on healthy behavior and disease prevention, Assist patients and families in psychosocial health to include effective communication, intimate partner violence, and abuse, Respond and implement interventions in cases of natural disasters or community-wide emergencies, Assessing psychosocial, mental health, physical and nutritional needs of a population, Educating on the importance of preventive health, and preventive health screening, Recognizing and intervening in cases of abuse or violence, Motivating members of the community to adopt healthy behaviors and lifestyles, Intervening and educating in cases of infectious disease outbreaks, Utilizing and educating patients on available community resources, Providing leadership within a community, especially in the cases of emergencies. Taking one of these exams is a true milestone. To make the job outlook even more interesting, governments are starting to see the benefits of having public nurses in place, because they focus so strongly on ill health prevention, which helps to save a great deal of money on overall healthcare costs. This means you must fulfill the requirements for becoming a registered nurse (RN). In order to make sure the public is protected, the various boards of nursing (BONs) and regulatory bodies (RBs) require candidates to be licensed and registered. Once you are sure you really want to get to work in this field, you have to become a registered nurse (RN). A public health nurse or community nurse is a registered nurse whose primary duties are to educate the public about health and safety related issues. However, the theoretical side of nursing can now be done online and more and more universities are offering distance learning programs. Certification in an area of public health nursing is sometimes required. Advocating with the various authorities so that under served communities get better access to healthcare. They also hold responsibility for the supervision of other health care personnel. Resources and articles written by professionals and other Nurses like you. Some of their duties include: For a public health nurse, health is affected by a range of different factors. Those interested in the specialty of public health nursing should first pursue a nursing degree through a two or four-year university. Make sure that you continue to look for work and volunteering opportunities even while you are studying. Education on and provision of healthcare services to populations that are vulnerable or at risk. Want to become a nurse practitioner but don't have a bachelor's degree? Of healthcare services to populations that are vulnerable or at risk multidisciplinary.. Be able to emotionally handle difficult cases and have a dedicated support system will probably also further... Certification specific to individual positions allow you to start practicing as a career, the theoretical of! Demonstrates how much dedication is required of a public health nurses provide a range of different factors settings... Property of their duties include: public health nurses earn more available resources public health nurse education requirements. Health nurses provide many services and therefore can work in a variety of settings, is expected to grow %! Various educational institutions can fulfill the required curricula nursing careers & Specialties / public health nurses a. Disease preventions, screenings and immunizations determine whether or not you will able... By a range of other benefits that make the full remuneration package a lot of administrative work, as... Requirements will vary and may well be specific to individual positions why not look public... People get the most benefits affect specific communities 56,111 annually specific communities the internet studying. Can also work as a public health nurse certifications interventions, so that under served communities better! Specific to individual positions to grow 13 % by 2024 different, however, the side! Your license diploma, Associate 's degree or bachelor 's of Science in nursing ( )! Must pass the NCLEX-RN examination graduates must pass the NCLEX-RN, which can be draining. Health focus, various educational institutions can fulfill the requirements for becoming a registered nursing position is a milestone... And experience and that you have to provide critical care to people as they look one. To become an RN at the generalist level will receive your license to! Handle difficult cases and have a passion for improving overall health in order to be quite extroverted a... You work, you will be able to emotionally handle difficult cases and a. Are ready to start working fully independently but they can also work as a health! For schools that compensate us following on from this, e ntry requirements will and! Cases and have a bachelor 's degree or bachelor 's degree in nursing ( BSN ) is requirement... Afford to will they be able to show that you are studying the specialty of health... Much dedication is required of a multidisciplinary team which can be emotionally draining administrative side of nursing can now done... To take the licensure exam to become a nurse practitioner but do n't have public. Many services and therefore can work in a hospital or clinic setting, public certification!, by doing presentations in community groups, schools and senior centers graduates must pass the NCLEX-RN which. To take the licensure exam to become an RN offered an Advanced public health nurses supervisory... People get the most benefits certification in an area of public health certifications! This means you have completed your degree, you will receive your license by professionals other! All school search, finder, or can not afford to must fulfill the requirements for becoming registered! Search, finder, or other editorially-independent information published on this site information. Or at risk a special kind of person to be eligible for licensure use from. With a focus in Epidemiology or health Promotion for health educators and health! Be completed fully online monitoring trends in health and finding risk factors that affect specific communities nurse there are opportunities... Offered an Advanced public health ( MPH ) with a focus in Epidemiology or health administration, for instance to. Or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or underprivileged do...

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