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remove telecaster bridge

Bridge pickup upgrades. Bottom line: at worst, it’s irrelevant, and can be left off. Be wary of the torque that these are tightened up to (that’s the twisting force); when we screw these back in, we don’t want to … Instruments with 22-fret necks throw a challenge into the mix. QUESTION [QUESTION] Standard Telecaster Bridge Replacement (self.Guitar) submitted 3 years ago by Itsismylife Quick question -- I have a Standard Telecaster (Mexican) which has the shittiest bridge I've ever played (constantly going out of tune, strings slipping out, etc.) That’s fine when you can remove the pickguard. Firstly, you need a new bridge plate, like these. Bridge pickup has no baseplate, but I added one just to try out. At best, it provides a nice smooth anchor for chicken picking near the bridge PU, and looks pretty slick. This video tutorial in Music & Instruments category will show you how to replace or install a new pickup in a Telecaster guitar. And secondly, you may well need to remove some wood from the guitar to allow the humbucker to fit in. So this modification is not for the faint of heart. The PH2 screwdriver seems to fit most of these longer screws nicely. Check your tuning before proceeding with … 1. Pull the strings out from the back of the guitar. However, adding a full-sized humbucker to the bridge of a Tele radically changes the tone of the guitar. Take a calipers and measure the distance from the back plate to the front of the bridge and note down the readings. It’s often necessary to remove the pickguard to adjust a Tele’s neck pickup. Shouldn’t interfere with palm muting, and the cut-down bridge sides are a plus in that department. Use the string gauge of the adjacent strings to set the bridge saddles for the other strings. The Gotoh bridge on my Thinline has that feature, and I quite like it. The telecaster bridge is unique and has to be removed to take the lead pickup out. Telecasters can have two distinctive types of bridges. BRIDGE. The other is the modern-day six-section bridge, such as the American Standard Telecaster bridge. That’s not a problem, because a bewildering array of replacement pickup options allow you to combine the Tele’s utilitarian looks and functionality with any tone you want. First you need to remove the strings so that you can take the bridge plate off. The most well-known type is the vintage-style three-section bridge. Work from the second string to the sixth string. ... FWIW you can add or remove a baseplate to/from any pickup you desire. 13. Use an Allen wrench to move the first string saddle bridge to coincide with the scale length. If the gauge of the second string is .011 inches, move the saddle bridge back .011 inches. It can’t be denied that some players like the idea of a Telecaster more than the actuality.

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