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scimitar car gte

■ Steering, suspension: Front suspension shares components with the much smaller and lighter Triumph TR6, making it a weak spot. Early cars featured a Borg Warner Type 35 auto while from the SE6 there was a better Ford-sourced C3 ‘box. Engine, overdrive and brake overhaul. ■ Engine: Burbling Essex V6 is a durable lump but make sure all fuel lines are solid and securely fixed to avoid the risk of fire. Fibreglass-bodied, there’s no rust worries although shell still deteriorates; chassis was galvanised after 1982. However, it has been fabulously maintained by its owner of 38 years and boasts a new engine and a complete respray. Also another shooting brake that I liked. Powered by a 2.9-litre Ford Scorpio engine and with various chassis upgrades, it could have been a worthy rival to newcomers like the Jaguar XJ and BMW 840, but the company folded just two years later, having built only 78 cars. I've always liked the Scimitar GTE, shooting brakes tp be precise. The body is mostly prepped for painting.There are numerous documents and invoices. 1978 SE6a is a much needed rethink with a stronger scuttle, stiffer front springs, a change to Lockheed brakes with larger rear drums and, strangely, smaller front discs. QRG (Queensbury Road Garage) has been around for almost half a century and during the 1970s was not only a Reliant distributor but also supplied TVRs and Jensens. The GTE formula was so right that Reliant choose to grow it rather than come up with a replacement. Scimitar with a Daimler V8 now that would be something special. Walker can bespoke build you a ‘new’ one for much the same although generally a fairly decent one can be had for a quarter of this outlay, and the grandest of GTEs around ten grand to fi fteen grand. Strathmore Vintage Vehicle Club of Glamis are selling this 1969 Scimitar GTE by online auction. However, cracks, crazing and poorly repaired accident damage are all too common and causing lots of grief and expense to properly make good. Monthly Car asked way back in 1971 “Is this [SE5] Britain’s most underrated car?”. 131 @5000rpm. It continued to sell handsomely and … This review has 0 comments - Be the first! Capri experts Tickover of Kent sells fully overhauled engines for a tad over £2100. 172 @3000rpm . Graham Walker sells new chassis frames at under £3000 and that’s good value. 0-1 km. RELIANT SCIMITAR GTE SE5A - HEATER UNIT ALLOY FACIA WITH SCREWS. Scimitar GT SE4 (1964–1970) BHP per ton . With a claimed 3000 around, there’s no shortage of runners and projects. In contrast, a similar aged standard SE6b with modded engine is offered at £5500, so there’s something for everybody it appears. 1976 Dropped in favour of a new longer, wider, roomier more palatial but less sporting SE6. June 17, 2013 By Mike Lee Last updated on July 31, 2015. Even kept original, the owners’ club advises a better radiator and header tank, electric cooling fan and on later SE6, reverting to SE5 plumbing. Early cars featured a Borg Warner Type 35 auto while from the SE6 there was a better Ford-sourced C3 ‘box. Triumph 2000 vs. Volvo P1800 vs. BMW 5 Series Review, Rolls-Royce Shadow vs. Bentley Mulsanne vs. Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud, MGB vs. £4000-£5999: Low-mileage, original-spec cars with solid underbellies and clean interiors. GTCs are coming on strong and priced slightly higher over an equivalent SE5 – say around £12,000 for something really nice. 1967 entwickelten Reliant und Tom Karen den Scimitar GTE, einen Shooting Brake mit technischen Anleihen beim bisherigen Scimitar GT. The steel chassis is unlikely to be rotten badly. I had a 75 model for a while. Used car buying guide: Reliant Scimitar GTE. Within a year the production rights had transferred to specialist Graham Walker, although production was never resumed. Check for worn-out bushes, which can be easily replaced with modern poly items, and any signs of fatigue on the drop links. £2000-£3999: Drivable Scimitars that need some attention. Rust isn’t an issue, naturally. Home > Classic Car Review Archive > Reliant Scimitar GTE Review. Instead, Estate Car Sunday greeted us all with gale winds, sideways rain and a thick, leaden sky. If the Scimitar has an Achilles’ heel, it’s the TR front suspension, which is prone to wear in numerous places – some specialists reckon its due to the greater weight and cornering forces employed. These cars needed sorting out – and I did that as a dealer and then I moved on to restoring them for people. Focus your attention underneath – especially on non-galvanised pre-1981 cars – where corrosion is known to eat away at the bumper mounts, wishbone brackets, outriggers and seatbelt anchor points. Cheshire-based Graham Walker Sports and Prestige – one of the world’s leading Scimitar parts suppliers – obtained the production rights to the GTE when Middlebridge collapsed in 1990, which means you can even effectively buy a brand-new example today. Triumph TR4 vs. Jensen Healey vs. Sunbeam Alpine vs. Reliant SS1. Apart form the usual electric problems associated with plastic-bodied cars, the GTE is no harder to service than a Capri V6 although engine access is harder due to its location and the engines are also more prone to overheating.

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