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Students are required to be enrolled Summer Quarter if, during that quarter, they will meet any of the criteria listed in the "Enrollment Requirements" section of the "Graduate Degrees" section of this bulletin. The fee for 2020-21 is $232 per quarter. Students and Authorized Payers may view the student account online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, via Stanford ePay. The budget is based on the actual cost of tuition, plus an allowance for other fees that students are typically charged, a standard amount for room and board, and allowances for the typical costs of books and supplies, personal expenses, and transportation to and from campus. 94305. After the start of the term, adding units may result in additional tuition charges. Accounts that become past due more than 30 days are subject to financial holds. For complete information on health insurance, see the Vaden Health Center Insurance web site. Graduate students who do enroll Summer Quarter may reduce their enrollment to a minimum of one unit (charged on a per-unit basis) unless the terms of a fellowship or other financial support, or of their particular degree program, require a higher level of enrollment. degrees. By accepting Stanford's offer of admission and enrolling in classes, each student accepts responsibility for paying all debts to the University, including tuition and fees, for which he or she is liable. the tuition associated with a degree in the doctoral/professional category, if the other degree is in the master's category. in Management for Experienced Leaders (GSB): tbd (annual, 4 quarters, Summer 2020 through Spring 2021). A Document Fee of $250 is assessed once upon the first admission to Stanford as an undergraduate or graduate student, including Law, GSB, and Medicine students. Other fees, such as room damage repair charges, petition fees, late fees, lab fees, library fees, and other miscellaneous fees or charges are due on the 15th of the month after which they are billed. A voluntary leave of absence after the first 60 percent of the quarter (term withdrawal deadline) is only granted for approved health and emergency reasons. Students who meet the conditions listed in the "Graduation Quarter" section of this bulletin are eligible to be assessed a special tuition rate of $150 for the quarter in which they are receiving a degree. Stanford, *In academic year 2020-21, tuition and fees are the same throughout each quarter. Coterminal students who opt to live on campus are required to live in undergraduate housing for the duration of their four years of guaranteed undergraduate housing regardless of their student status. All freshmen and upperclass students living in the above houses can choose an R&DE voluntary meal plan which offers expanded flexibility and numerous options for on campus use. Students starting a second graduate degree are not considered new students and therefore are not guaranteed housing. If necessary, the student or Authorized Payer may print a bill or receipt from Stanford ePay. *Ph.D. students in the Biomedical Sciences and in the Graduate School of Business are assessed the standard graduate tuition rate. A student in good standing who desires or is required to take a leave of absence from the University after the first day of instruction, but before the end of the first 60 percent of the quarter (term withdrawal deadline), may file a petition for a leave of absence and tuition refund. Graduation Quarter may be permitted one time only. Those who carry medical insurance through an alternate carrier are generally eligible for a waiver of the Stanford Cardinal Care health insurance plan. International students must be registered as full-time students during the academic year. Students are allowed to switch meal plans up until the last two weeks of the quarter. Furnished apartments are available for students with children, based on the number of dependents.    Trademark Notice. The Associated Students of Stanford University (ASSU) fees are established by student vote in Spring Quarter. Fees noted with an asterisk(*) have been updated for the 2020-21 Academic Year. During Summer Quarter, Stanford undergraduates may register on a unit-basis. Students may designate 'Authorized Payers' via Stanford ePay to allow others to view the student account and make payment. However, should the University determine that continuation of some or all academic and other campus activities is illegal, impracticable, and/or in the reasonable judgment of the University, their continuation involves a significant threat of harm to persons or property, activities may be curtailed and students and others requested or required to leave the campus. If a student uses the meal plan after that date, an additional daily charge incurs. The amount is $200. they are in compliance with the university housing agreement and university policies, they apply by the appropriate deadlines, and. Tuition and mandatory fees have been set regardless of the method of instruction and will not be refunded in the event instruction occurs remotely for any part of the academic year. This table represents tuition and fees for next year, 2020-21. Filing a termination of occupancy form and moving out of Student Housing does not necessarily entitle a student to a refund. Charges and credits from offices within the University are aggregated in a student's individual account and presented on the University bill. Eligibility for refunds is listed in the Residence Agreement. At Stanford University, a domestic partnership is defined as an established, long-term romantic partnership with an exclusive mutual commitment in which the partners share the necessities of life and ongoing responsibility for their common welfare. Current and prospective students may also contact R&DE Student Housing by filing a ServiceNow request. Meal Plan Dollars can be used in the dining halls, most R&DE cafés and late night venues, Open kitchen funds are available for additional meals in the row house when meals are not being served. Electronic submission is free. Summer Quarter registration is not required unless the I-20/DS-2019 notes the Summer Quarter as the start date. Tuition. Residence assignments for continuing undergraduates are made on the basis of an annual lottery, called the Draw, and quarterly assignment rounds. Residential Education (650-725-2800) and the Graduate Life Office (650-736-7078) are responsible for residential education staff, educational programs, counseling, and crisis intervention in undergraduate and graduate housing respectively. New matriculated students are guaranteed university housing for their first year of study if: At Stanford University, new matriculated students are students who are in a graduate program for the first time. they are willing to live anywhere on campus. ePayment, check) remain on the student account to be applied to future charges. Stanford students have access to financial literacy resources through the Mind Over Money program including the Haven Money tool and 1:1 financial coaching for personal finance education. *This fee will be assessed for each quarter (Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer) during the 2020-21 Academic Year. Room refunds are made only when students move out of the residence system and graduate from or cease to be enrolled at the University. Any decision to refund prepaid room and meal plan charges or to waive liability for deferred charges is made at the sole discretion of the University. Contact the Undergraduate Admission Office for information about the undergraduate application fee and the Graduate Admission section of the Office of the University Registrar for the current graduate application fee. Contact the ASSU for details. Graduate students who are faculty spouses, regular Stanford employees, or full-time educators in the Bay Area may also register at the per-unit rate. Within certain restrictions, postdoctoral scholars may enroll in courses if the appropriate unit rate for tuition is paid. The Food Allergies @Stanford program offers support and dining accommodations to students with food allergies or other dietary concerns. Visiting Student Researchers pay a monthly fee; they may not enroll in or audit courses. Students and Authorized Payers may view the student account online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, via. Tuition and mandatory fees have been set regardless of the method of instruction and will not be refunded in the event instruction occur remotely for any part of the academic year. Students possessing an F1 or J1 student visa may be subject to additional course enrollment requirements in order to retain their student visas. Coterminal students are only eligible for the Graduation Quarter special registration status if they are applying to confer both the undergraduate and graduate degree in the same quarter. Regular quarterly tuition for the academic year 2020-21, payable Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer quarters. Waivers granted result in a credit to the student's University bill. Read student communications sent from our office here. Therefore, residents of designated university residence halls (Branner, Crothers/Crothers Memorial, Florence Moore, Gerhard Casper, Lakeside, Ricker, Stern, Toyon, Wilbur, Yost, Murray, and EAST) are required to participate in an R&DE Stanford Dining Meal Plan.

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