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These colleges have deep roots in the history of the University of Toronto; the college system dates back to the earliest days of the university and remains one of its distinctive features. University College is one of two places in the University of Toronto that has been designated a National Historic Site of Canada, along with Annesley Hall of Victoria College. Baldwin resigned as premier in 1851, leaving his successor, Francis Hincks, to find another way to persuade the denominational colleges. Before the fire of 1890, the building was laid out such that the east wing provided access to the convocation hall, the museum and the library, and contained an entrance to the quadrangle. Baldwin envisioned that denominational colleges would soon decide to affiliate themselves under the secular University of Toronto "with some vague status, perhaps as divinity halls". Hincks decided that the university should adopt the collegiate university governance model, used for centuries at Oxbridge and more recently at the University of London.[2]. [16] To achieve a picturesque approach, Cumberland ignored the classical symmetry and deliberately gave an asymmetrical architectural expression. The historic University College building is currently undergoing a major revitalization, which will return the College library to its original location at the front of the building. On 22 April 1853, University College was created as the Provincial College, and it retains that designation in the current University of Toronto Act. For thousands of years it has been the traditional land of the Huron-Wendat, the Seneca, and most recently, the Mississaugas of the Credit River. [13] The design committee led by Cumberland initially designed a Gothic structure, but Governor General Edmund Walker Head disliked the style and suggested Italian instead, later changing his preference to Byzantine.[14]. Located next door to Old Town and Downtown Toronto, Ryerson University is perfect for the city-slicker. The Lit's mandate is to provide services, host events, facilitate student involvement, represent the student body, and foster a sense of community among students in the college. The strike continued until 20 February, when students voted to return to classes after the government agreed to call a commission of inquiry. All students within the Faculty of Arts & Science on the St. George campus are affiliated with one of seven colleges. The Lit is also responsible for the student-run Diabolos' coffee bar, and the annual Fireball formal, commemorating the 1890 fire which destroyed the college. It is staffed by an editorial collective of undergraduate students, as well as a group of staff and regular contributors. [6] The board of trustees commissioned a swift restoration of the structure with insurance compensations and additional investments. [3] In Ottawa, Edward Blake, the university's chancellor and a member of parliament, interrupted his speech to inform the House of Commons, "The great institution, the crown and glory, I may be permitted to say, of the educational institutions in our country is at the moment in flames ... and is now, so far as its material fabric goes, a ruin tottering to the ground. Student are represented on the College Council by the leaders of the Literary and Athletic Society and eight additional students. [11][12] Cumberland met the requirements asked of him after taking part on a research and experience based trip to Europe in February 1856: "This course of action was consistent with Victorian architectural practice when new public buildings were being planned, which was to carefully study applicable building forms and adapt them, to the requirements of the job at hand. [14] In particular, the Byzantine, Norman and early English styles were deemed "fitting for educational institutions". Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada, Minutes, June 1968 and 1970. In addition, there are four houses within the Whitney Residence: Cody, Mulock, Falconer, and Ferguson. University College hosts five sets of annual public lecture series. It comprises a main collection of 35,000 volumes and secondary collections in literature and poetry. "[4] Only about 100 books were rescued before the fire consumed more than 33,000 volumes at the college library. The famous ghost story of the University College, started from the carving "Crocodiles and vermin". 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It provides fair trade coffee, tea, vegan and vegetarian products to University College students. Like most Romanesque buildings, University College has extremely thick masonry walls, built of many types of brick and stone layered upon each other.

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