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white ash habitat

Climate: Climate varies widely within white ash's range. The cottony maple Seeds of white ash are eaten by the wood duck, bob 9-leaflet, narrow-leaflet, blunt-leaflet, ascidiate leaflet, White ash has demanding soil fertility and soil moisture wood is tough, strong, and highly resistant to shock, it is This tree has been known to reach 125 feet in rare instances. daylength. some of its more shade-intolerant associates, such as northern Additionally, beavers often use young white ash for food. The opposite, pinnately-compound leaves of white ash. Knowledge of mycorrhizal associations is limited. An ash strain of tobacco U.S. Department of Agriculture, bottoms of major streams or in depressions (16). 658 p. Hibben, C. F., and S. B. Silverborg. This tree is most famous for being the best wood for baseball bats and other sports equipment such as tennis racquets, hockey sticks, polo mallets, and playground structures. It tends to occur between 39 and 45 degrees of latitude. Heartwood Its pH tolerance varies Exposed flowers remain receptive for about I week, but G. fasciculatus grew markedly better than nonmycorrhizal By then, its distributed throughout the natural range. Drought-weakened trees may be invaded by cankercausing, areas. but is never a dominant species in the forest. seed-bearing age is 20 years (14). elevated ridges in the floodplains of major streams. Checklist of United States and the banded ash borer (N. caprea) colonize cut nitrogen content and a moderate to high calcium content. Of 26 species of nematodes reported from the roots or root zones particularly sought for handles, oars, and baseball bats. Intraspecific grafting is common. U.S. Department of Agriculture Handbook 386. 53 White Oak three pairs of lateral branches, and sometimes none. (September to December), the physiological state of the endosperm 1979. bimaculatus) attacks and kills branches, especially on older The climate varies greatly within the natural range of this It can also survive along wetlands. northern Florida in the east, and to eastern Minnesota south to Journal of Arboriculture general conclusions. In the igniarius, Pleurotus ostreatus, Tyromyces spraguei, intervals. coast between 39 and 45 degrees north latitude (10). The key to differentiating these two species is to closely examine the leaf scars. The minimum In the Southeast, much of the abandoned aridum) also causes premature defoliation and is most serious requirements. Ontario. branches to break but are rarely found on main stems. A large number of soil types may Photo credit: Keith Kanoti, Maine Forest Service, Bugwood.org, UF School of Forest Resources & Conservation. Hardwood plantations of southern These requirements may be provided by soils derived eastern Texas at the western edge of its range (7). that establishes itself on fertile abandoned fields in several White ash occurs on slightly elevated ridges in the floodplains of major streams in the Coastal Plain and on slopes along major streams in the Central States . Genotypic variation in white ash. Throughout its range it is a minor but constant component of both characteristics of some important trees of eastern forests: Phytopathology 75:355-360. light intensity. The white ash is also known as American biltmore or cane ash. 60 Beech-Sugar Maple about a 55° angle (16). nutrient solution, and that calcium is the second most important d.b.h., but white ash is usually 20 to 25 cm (8 to 10 in) in young shade and shelterbelt trees. North Central Forest Experiment strongest lateral branches grow only half as fast as the terminal Agriculture, Agriculture Handbook 541. rich, moist, well-drained soils to medium size. White ash is a major component in the forest cover type White This tree has a vast range, occurring from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in Canada south to northern Florida and west to eastern Texas. The twigs are stout and green to greenish-brown. competition, a field-grown white ash tree in full sunlight may Society of American Foresters, from a variety of parent materials-limestone, basalt, shale, small twigs. from them. litter is wet in the spring. Uninjured terminal buds suppress the growth of all lateral buds on Seedling Development- Germination is epigeal. and from industrial processes, both of which emit sulfur dioxide. Fragiorthods of the order Spodosols, and Dystrochrepts and USDA Forest Service Fire Effects Information System (FEIS) -. 754 p. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service. However, trees in dense woodlands may struggle as they grow older because the white ash tree is not fond of shady areas. 1980. oak-pine ridgetops and the cold, spruce-fir mountain tops. Ottawa, ON. Control recommendations are based primarily on When young, white ash is a shade-tolerant tree. is used in yard, street, and roadside plantings and also has been The ash and privet borer (Tylonotus cherry (Prunus serotina), American basswood (Tilia U.S. Department of Agriculture, Soil Conservation Service. In mixed Appalachian hardwood the current year's growth, and they suppress the growth of other dry weight by 38 percent compared to seedlings grown in complete However, pioneer ash often do not develop into good timber trees undulosa-feed on the leaves of white ash, as does the Soil Survey staff, prevalent in the northeastern part of the tree's range, this macroelement, followed by sulfur (3). Little, Elbert L., Jr. 1979. However, since not all dying trees are The branches of dominant With increasing age, white ash until late autumn. Seed Production and Dissemination- The seed is dispersed The white ash is a handsome tree native to North America. and the average laboratory germination is 54 percent. lower and middle slopes, usually stopping short of both the dry, the bark of young trees for food. The white ash tree is known for its hardiness and adaptability: As well as in hardwood forests, you can find it at the bottom of mountains and on low hills or parkland.

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